New England

The Top 10 Things to Do in Boston: A Local’s Guide

Brianne Miers - January 4, 2018
swan boats in the Public Garden in Boston

If you’re looking for the top 10 things to do in Boston, check out my local’s guide! February marks 10 years since I packed up my apartment in Washington, D.C., and headed north to start a new job in chilly Boston, Massachusetts. Over the years I’ve loved having the opportunity to show visitors all of the places that I’ve discovered as I’ve settled into my …

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There’s something for everyone in the Pioneer Valley!

Brianne Miers - July 20, 2016
Springfield Museums

As much as I love living in Boston, I also love getting out of the “big city” from time to time and experiencing what the rest of New England has to offer. Fortunately I have a lot of fantastic road-trip destinations to chose from right here in Massachusetts. One favorite is the “Pioneer Valley,” a cluster of three counties that sits about two hours west of Boston. On my …

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A Wintery Weekend at the Deerfield Inn

Brianne Miers - March 12, 2016
Deerfield Inn

It was damp, grey and cold on the Friday I left for Deerfield and my overnight stay at the Deerfield Inn. A snowstorm was predicted to roll into Boston on Saturday, so it wasn’t the ideal time to take a roadtrip. However, since I had been cooped up since Christmas due to a serious illness, I was willing to risk getting stuck in middle-of-nowhere Massachusetts for …

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