NGO Update: Two Years after the Nepal Earthquake

Brianne Miers - July 19, 2017

April 25 marked the two-year anniversary of the devastating Nepal earthquake, which left nearly 9,000 people dead and 22,000 people injured, and leveled countless homes and cultural and religious sites. I haven’t been to Nepal in more than 10 years, but it remains a very special place to me. Since I’ve been curious about what life is like there these days, I reached out to two NGOs based …

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Beau Miller: How Aythos Responded to the Nepal Earthquake

Brianne Miers - August 10, 2016
Beau making delivery after the earthquake

Beau Miller is the executive director of Aythos, a non-profit organization he founded seven years ago to implement economic development projects in remote Himalayan villages in Nepal. Since 2012, Aythos volunteers and local staff have trained hundreds of farmers – including women – and helped plant thousands of fruit and nut trees, which provide nutritious food and critical income for villagers. I first interviewed Beau after the devastating April 2015 earthquake, and recently asked …

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How The Umbrella Foundation is Helping End “Voluntourism” in Nepal

Brianne Miers - May 31, 2016
Caroline Scheffer outside with kids

In summer 2003, I volunteered as an English teacher at an all-girls government school in Pokhara, Nepal. Even though my experience was mostly positive, I’ve since questioned whether my decision to volunteer with children was a responsible one, as I’ve learned more about the ugly side of the “voluntourism” industry.  Caroline Scheffer is a former Country Director of the The Umbrella Foundation, which works to alleviate the impact of trafficking, …

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