Traveling Lives

Traveling Lives: Meet Heather Cole

Brianne Miers - January 3, 2016
Heather kayaking

Heather Cole is a history buff, published author and amateur musician whose passion for traveling started with a fascination with the Amazon rainforest as a young teen. She’s since been to nearly 30 countries on five continents while working full time. Together she and her husband, Pete, blog about their “luxury adventures” around the globe at Conversant Traveller.

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Traveling Lives: Meet Alex Marriott

Brianne Miers - November 3, 2015

A self-described “half traveller,” Alex began traveling as a university student in England, squeezing in short trips around Europe on weekends and school breaks. Now, employed as an engineer, he’s started venturing further out – both Brazil and Japan are destinations on his list for the coming year. 

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Traveling Lives: Meet Fiona Chandra

Brianne Miers - October 18, 2015

A native of Surabaya, Indonesia, Fiona Chandra came to the U.S. to attend high school in South Carolina. Before relocating to Cambridge for a postdoc last year, she spent 12 years in Los Angeles, where she launched her successful food blog, Gourmet Pigs, in 2007. I met Fiona at the Women in Travel Summit in March, and she’s since become my go-to source for restaurant recommendations in the Boston area.

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Traveling Lives: Meet Vicky Sosa

Brianne Miers - October 5, 2015
Buddy The Traveling Monkey

Vicky Sosa always has a buddy with her when she travels – the Buddy, that is. Vicky bought Buddy, a stuffed monkey that roots for the Miami Dolphins, a few years ago, and together they’ve been to more than 20 countries on five continents. When she’s not traveling, Vicky works full-time as a secretary and chronicles her and Buddy’s adventures on their blog, Buddy the Traveling Monkey.

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Traveling Lives: Meet Tianna Gratta

Brianne Miers - September 26, 2015
Tianna Gratta

Tianna Gratta admits that her traveling life got off to a “slow start,” but she has more than made up for lost time, squeezing in at least four big trips each year while working a full-time job in radio and blogging at The Passport Chronicles. She’s actually hitting the road again on Tuesday – this time to Thailand for TBEX Asia, the world’s largest gathering of travel bloggers and …

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Traveling Lives: Meet Ian & Tonya Fitzpatrick

Brianne Miers - July 26, 2015
Ian and Tonya in Namibia

This is the first husband-and-wife profile to grace the Traveling Lives series, and I couldn’t have picked a more appropriate – or talented – couple. Attorneys Ian & Tonya have made travel a priority since the very beginning of their relationship, and today, they run an award-winning broadcasting company, World Footprints, that celebrates “Responsible Travel, Culture and Heritage.”

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Traveling Lives: Meet Jolanta Davis

Brianne Miers - July 11, 2015
Jolanta's family on beach

Growing up behind the Iron Curtain in Poland, Jolanta dreamed of seeing the world. Today, living in Massachusetts with her husband and two children, she has made travel a priority for herself and her family. I had the pleasure of meeting Jolanta at the Women in Travel Summit, and have since marveled at her ability to balance motherhood and a full-time job with sharing her family’s adventures on her blog, Casual Traveler. NAME:  Jolanta …

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