August 2016

Traveling Lives: Trish Collins

Brianne Miers - August 15, 2016
Trish Collins in Moscow

My cousin introduced me to her high school friend, Trish Collins, through Facebook because of our mutual travel obsession, and since then, I’ve enjoyed following her frequent trips around the globe. She’ll be staying put in the coming year, though, since she’ll be welcoming her first child (now known as “#thebump”) this fall. 

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Beau Miller: How Aythos Responded to the Nepal Earthquake

Brianne Miers - August 10, 2016
Beau making delivery after the earthquake

Beau Miller is the executive director of Aythos, a non-profit organization he founded seven years ago to implement economic development projects in remote Himalayan villages in Nepal. Since 2012, Aythos volunteers and local staff have trained hundreds of farmers – including women – and helped plant thousands of fruit and nut trees, which provide nutritious food and critical income for villagers. I first interviewed Beau after the devastating April 2015 earthquake, and recently asked …

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How to Spend a Perfect 48 Hours in Québec City

Brianne Miers - August 4, 2016

Here’s everything to see, do and eat in order to spend a perfect 48 hours in Quebec City any time of year!   Because I love all things French, I have always wanted to visit Quebec City. Only two weeks after my friend Fiona of Gourmet Pigs mentioned over drinks that she wanted to check out the Hôtel de Glace (Ice Hotel) while it was still standing this …

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Five Practical Tech Tips for International Travelers

Brianne Miers - August 1, 2016
laptop on wooden desk

Whether you’re jetting off on a work trip or using your precious vacation days, technology is now an integral part of travel. Not too long ago, we would have been happy to spend time away from home unconnected, but it’s become essential that we can access the Internet wherever we are. However, there are many questions that crop up when thinking about using technology while traveling: How much will it cost? What …

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