November 2014

What You Need in Your Travel First Aid Kit

Brianne Miers - November 22, 2014
first aid kit

My mom is a nurse, and therefore, was always prepared for every bump, scrape and sting my brother and I got when we took family vacations. Following in her footsteps, I always take a fully stocked first aid kit with me when traveling internationally. I pack everything in one of these plastic packing envelopes, with a few of the more frequently used items – like hand sanitizer – in …

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Instagram Roundup: Cambodia Adventure

Brianne Miers - November 15, 2014
kids riding bikes in Cambodia

I have always been skeptical of group tours; however, at the 11th hour I decided to join Intrepid Travel’s Cambodia Adventure tour to kick off my Southeast Asia trip. And now I can’t imagine having done it any other way. Our incredible Cambodian guide, Fila, led our group through 12 fun-filled days of travel from Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City, making a few stops in Cambodia along …

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Ladies: What to Pack for Southeast Asia

Brianne Miers - November 8, 2014
what to pack for Southeast Asia

Ladies, this one is for you! Below is THE packing list for Southeast Asia, based on what I brought in my backpack for almost eight weeks in Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia during fall 2014. I later used this list to pack for almost eight weeks in southern India, so it should work for any long trip to a warm climate.

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