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Why work with me?

I am a highly experienced marketing communications consultant, with more than 15 years of experience working for both public relations firms and non-profit organizations. Therefore I bring a very skilled approach to all collaborations, and I produce high-quality, engaging content. I also have built a strong network within the travel industry.

Below are more details on my blog, services experience. Please contact me to discuss any ideas on how we can work together.

Brianne in India

making friends at Brihadeeswara Temple in Thanjavur while working for The Travel Scientists

My Services

  • Press & FAM trips
  • Hotel & tour reviews
  • Social media takeovers (including Instagram & Twitter)
  • Content creation (for websites, blogs & marketing materials)

I currently do not accept advertising on my blog.

My Blog Statistics

  • DA = 34, PA = 45
  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 3,000-5,000+
  • Gender: 82% female 18% male
  • Age Groups: 57% = 25-34, 30% = 18-24, 13% = 45-54
  • Locations: 69% = U.S., 31% = Other

as of January 2017

My Social Media Statistics

  • Twitter: 4,200 followers
  • Instagram: 3,000 followers with 10-15%+ engagement (average = 1.85% in 2016)
  • Facebook: 1,500 likes with 8,000-10,000+ monthly post reach
  • Klout Score: 64 (63 = top 5% of social media engagement)
  • 100% organic growth on all channels.

as of April 2017

My Recent Collaborations



Sports Teams

Tour Companies


I also have created content for travel brands including Country Inns & Suites and MasterCard.

My Partnerships

My Speaking Engagements

  • “Kick Your Business in the Butt: Launching, Growing & Thriving as an Entrepreneur,” Women in Travel Summit, April 2017
  • Solo female travel, Graduate Women at MIT “Be Bold, Be Heard” conference, April 2017
  • Career Break Travel Planning Summit, Meet, Plan, Go! Boston event, June 2016
  • “Overcoming Fears to Long-Term Travel” and “Returning Home after Long-Term Travel,” NY Travel Festival, April 2016
  • “Budgeting for Your Break,” Meet, Plan, Go! Boston event, July 2015
  • “Traveling as a Young Professional,” Hostelling International Boston event, June 2015
  • “Budgeting for Your Break,” Meet, Plan, Go! New York City event, March 2015

My Event Attendance

My Leadership

I’m the organizer of the Boston chapter of Meet, Plan, Go!. You can connect with us on Facebook to learn about our upcoming events.

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