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Publications & Guest Blog Posts

Immersion Travel Magazine
Bamboo, Bikes and New Business

Bambike Revolution Cycles, a social enterprise based in Manila, Philippines, isn’t your typical bike shop. It rents and sells hand-crafted bamboo bicycles made from sustainable materials that reduce the impact on the planet. Read more!

Ethical Traveler logo
The Perils of a Tourism Boom: Palawan’s Popularity Problem

This past fall (autumn for those outside North America), I was lured to Palawan, a culturally and ecologically rich archipelago in the Philippines made up of nearly 2,000 islands. Read more!

Immersion Travel Magazine
Doing Good and Eating Well in Boulder

If you find yourself at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in the college town of Boulder, Colorado, chances are you’re going to work up an appetite at some point. Read more!

Immersion Travel Magazine
Putting the “Green” in Green River Festival

Jim Olsen admits that the Green River Festival – named by USA Today, the New York Times and Rolling Stone as one of the best festivals in the U.S. last year – had humble beginnings. Read more!

Fashion Lovers: Here’s Where to Head on Your Next Vacation

Everyone knows that Paris, London and New York are where fashion lovers flock. But if you’ve already strolled through the Tuileries, cruised down the Thames and caught a show on Broadway, don’t worry, there are still plenty of other stylish cities around the world to explore. Read more!

The Ambitious Bee
How to Live a Life of Travel and Still Have a Career

The U.S. is the only industrialized country in the world that has no legally mandated annual leave – most Americans are lucky if they can squeeze in one week of vacation each year, with a few extra days off scattered here and there (That sounds depressing, I know!). Read more!

The Rickshaw Challenge and Indian Wifi Woes

Throughout my professional career, I’ve had almost every kind of workspace there is – a private office (LOVE!), a shared cube (LOATHE) and even a converted closet (Yes, that’s true.) Read more!

How to Set a Travel Budget and Stick to it

Earlier this month was my first-ever travel-related speaking gig at the first Meet, Plan, Go! New York City meetup… Read more!

The Rickshaw Challenge and Round Table India Team Up to Transform Schools

Over the past nine years, the Rickshaw Challenge has drawn more than 1,500 people from across the globe to India… Read more!

Offroading by Rickshaw: Ride along with Game of Horns

For many the ride to Tuticorin was a smooth road, too smooth according to some, so the Norwegian team… Read more!


Her Packing List episode 13
[013] The Re-entry Process After a Big Trip with Brianne Miers

When you go away on a longer adventure, coming back home can be tough. Today we discuss the struggles of the re-entry process after a big trip with Brianne Miers. Check it out! 


Featured Blogger: Brianne from A Traveling Life

People spend most of their time working in their day jobs or growing their businesses that sometimes we tend to ignore the things that truly makes us happy… Read more!

Featured Blogger: Brianne from A Traveling Life

Hey everyone! This week we’ve got the lovely Brianne! Read more!

Lady Project blog
Ask A… Travel Blogger with Brianne Miers

Brianne Miers is the principal of Kind Communications, which provides a wide range of strategic communications services to nonprofits and start-ups. Read more!

southern gypsy
Meet the Gypsies | Brianne of A Traveling Life

I’m Brianne, and I’m originally from a small town in New Jersey. I’ve been based in Boston, Massachusetts, for about eight years. Read more!

Wanderful pro member logo
Wanderful Pro Member of the Month: Brianne Miers

At Wanderful we’re all about the sisterhood, and we love hearing from our community! That’s why our pro membership is so cool: Wanderful women from all over the world get to access the all the benefits of being Wanderful in awesome ways. Read more!

Misadventures with Andi
Traveler Tuesday – Brianne of A Traveling Life

Brianne of A Traveling Life is a very active travel blogger based out of Boston. When she is not planning her own trips she is heading up the Boston chapter of Meet Plan Go, so basically she is in travel mode all the time! Read more!

Teacake travels
Wander Woman Wednesdays: A Traveling Life

This week’s Wander Woman is Brianne from A Traveling Life! She is a clever lil lady and has some amazing safety tips to share with you, that no other Wander Woman has shared before (oooooh!). Let’s get stuck in! Read more!

5 Travel Questions: Brianne – A Traveling Life

A solo traveler and 40+ countries later, Brianne from A Traveling Life tells us about her journeys around Asia and more… Read more!

Contributions to Other Blogs

20 Top Cities To Visit In 2017

Last month Conde Nast published their 50 top cities in the world based on votes by over 100,000 travelers.  As I flipped through the list I was nodding at many and intrigued by others I had yet to visit myself… Read more!

Travel in Your 30s: Tales from 31 Awesome Travel Bloggers

In honor of celebrating this milestone birthday, I asked 31 (30 + 1 for good luck!!) adventurous travel bloggers to tell me about how travel in your 30s gets better or what they’ve learned after hitting the big 3-0… Read more!

Gaga for Grafitti: Around the World

Everyone has something special that draws them to travel. For me, this fascination is often found in discovering the street art of a destination… Read more!

Part-time Travel: Hot Winter Travel Destinations

We may* not have killed anybody or steal anything, but it seems that we are a few women who like to hit the road… Read more!

Best USA Road Trips according to Thelma, Louise & Friends

For a lot of people in the Northern hemisphere, the chill of winter is really setting in. I asked some top travel bloggers to recommend their favourite hot winter destinations. Read more!

Travelers Share Their Favorite National Parks in the World

This week marks National Park Week in America – a week long celebration of our national heritage. Read more![/one_half_last]


Gaga for Grafitti: Around the World

Everyone has something special that draws them to travel. For me, this fascination is often found in discovering the street art of a destination… Read more!

Friday Lens Affair

This week I’m sharing with you a picture of the road to Aguas Calientes, Peru… Check it out!

29 Instagrams that Show How Vibrant the World Really Is

The world is a colourful place, and who better to look to than the MatadorU student body — thousands of travelers…. Check it out!

Solo Travel Society
Pic of the Week: Hampi, India

This week’s pic was taken by Solo Travel Society member Brianne in Hampi, India. Check it out!