Instagram Roundup: A Stroll along Chennai’s Marina Beach

Brianne Miers - February 21, 2015

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Brianne Miers - February 21, 2015

Instagram Roundup: My Daily Life in Chennai

Brianne Miers - February 21, 2015
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My home base for the seven weeks I spent in India working for The Travel Scientists was Chennai, formerly known as Madras. Chennai is the fourth-largest city in India and the capital of the southern state of Tamil Nadu on the eastern coast. Despite its population, it’s not as popular with travelers as the larger, northern cities, and that is exactly why I enjoyed the days that I spent there.

Because there’s not a lot “to do,” I didn’t feel like I needed to accomplish anything or check anything off of a list. Instead, I walked to the same chai stand every morning, bought fruit at the same market and established a little routine around town. I left feeling that I got a brief glimpse into what life is like as a local. Here are some scenes from my daily strolls around town, as seen on Instagram.

Clothes on hang line from India trip

Bull with painted horns from India trip

Red door from India trip

Cats playing taken on India trip

Street art from India trip

Clothes hanging from building from India trip

Chai tea from India trip

Stacked fabric from India trip

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