Five Practical Tech Tips for International Travelers

Brianne Miers - August 1, 2016
laptop on wooden desk

Whether you’re jetting off on a work trip or using your precious vacation days, technology is now an integral part of travel. Not too long ago, we would have been happy to spend time away from home unconnected, but it’s become essential that we can access the Internet wherever we are. However, there are many questions that crop up when thinking about using technology while traveling: How much will it cost? What …

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10 Things You Need to Do Before Takeoff

Brianne Miers - June 21, 2016

For most people, the days leading up to a vacation are a blur – doing laundry, packing, running errands, making arrangements for plants and pets, and wrapping up responsibilities at the office. Even though I travel frequently, it’s still a challenge to remember all of the details that I need to take care of before I leave on an international trip, so I created this handy checklist to help …

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16 Travel Tips for 2016

Brianne Miers - January 29, 2016
Paris building

Pauline Frommer and her famous father, Arthur, host a nationally syndicated radio show together, Travel Show, each Sunday. At the New York Times Travel Show earlier this month, they took the stage together to share their views on where the travel industry is headed in 2016. Following Arthur’s presentation on the top trends to watch in the coming year, Pauline provided some very helpful and insightful tips: For the best …

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Six Travel Trends to Watch in 2016

Brianne Miers - January 15, 2016
Boats on Lake Titicaca

Frommer’s is one of the most respected brands in travel, having been in the guidebook business since 1957. I have a very distinct memory of my mom reading a Frommer’s guide during our 1988 family trip to China, and I own a few as well. So last weekend at the New York Times Travel Show, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to hear Arthur Frommer himself …

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After a Quiet Fall, A New Adventure

Brianne Miers - November 16, 2015
SoWa Boston

I got back from my last international trip – 10 days in Colombia – on August 30, which makes this the longest stretch of time that I’ve spent at home in Boston in more than two years. And I’ve hated it. OK, I haven’t totally hated it. I’ve been able to clean my closets, try out some new recipes, take long walks around the neighborhood …

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How to Budget for Long-Term Travel

Brianne Miers - March 7, 2015

Tuesday night was my first-ever travel-related speaking gig (well, I am always doling out travel advice, but I’ve never before been asked to do so in an “official” capacity). It was the first Meet, Plan, Go! New York City meet up of 2015, and the topic was how to set a travel budget and stick to it when you’re on the road. Here are the …

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The 10 Apps I Use Most on the Road

Brianne Miers - February 28, 2015
iphone travel apps

In our day-to-day lives, most of us can’t imagine being too far away from our smartphones. And while it’s good to take some time and “unplug” while you’re on the road, smartphones can be incredibly handy tools for navigating foreign lands. Before you leave on your trip, it’s a smart idea to delete extraneous apps off of your phone, since you’ll want the extra space …

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