Instagram Roundup: Summer in Boston

Brianne Miers - October 4, 2015

After spending most of the past year overseas then suffering through a terribly cold and snowy spring, I was happy to stick closer to home this summer and take advantage of what I consider to be the best time of year in Boston. Now that the temperatures are starting to drop again, here’s a look back at the highlights of those glorious warm days, as told through my favorite Instagram shots.

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Instagram Roundup: Colorful Colombia

Brianne Miers - September 15, 2015

From the hot pink and bright yellow houses that line Cartagena’s narrow streets to the pale blue waters surrounding Isla Baru to the deep green mountains that soar over the high-rise apartment buildings of Medellin, Colombia is saturated with color. Here is proof, in the form of the Instagram photos I took during my recent 10-day adventure in this vibrant country.

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Instagram Roundup: My Daily Life in Chennai

Brianne Miers - February 21, 2015

My home base for the seven weeks I spent in India working for The Travel Scientists was Chennai, formerly known as Madras. Chennai is the fourth-largest city in India and the capital of the southern state of Tamil Nadu on the eastern coast. Despite its population, it’s not as popular with travelers as the larger, northern cities, and that is exactly why I enjoyed the days that I spent there. Because …

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